Top 3 Torrent Client To Download Torrent Files 2013

A Torrent Client is a tool which resides in user system and help to download data (music, video, files and other stuff) using torrent file. What is a Torrent file actually? What are the Top 3 Torrent Client to download torrent files? Comparison Among Top 3 Torrent Client 2013. All question explained in this post.

“A torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of the network locations of trackers. A torrent file does not contain the content to be distributed; it only contains information about those files, such as their names, sizes, folder structure, and cryptographic hash values for verifying file integrity.”

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Top 3 Torrent Clients 2013


top 3 torrent clientµTorrent Client is most popular and widely used closed source Bit-Torrent client. µTorrent is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android Also.A µTorrent Server is also available for Linux. It is free of cost but ad- supported torrent client. µTorrent is a lightweight torrent client which consumes very low system resources.

Features List of µTorrent

  • Small Size: 1.6 MB (Android), 1.49 MB (Linux), 1 MB (Microsoft Windows) and 2.69 MB (OS X).
  • Remote Access: Access µTorrent from anywhere with µTorrent Remote.
  • Smart: Auto-adjusts bandwidth usage based upon your network and the Internet.
  • Fast: Fast very fast. You can also limit your bandwidth.


  • Not so Light as compared to other clients like Transmission and Bittorrent.

Download Latest µTorrent from Here.


transmission torrent clientTransmission is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Transmission is an open source, volunteer-based project which allows users to download files from the Internet and upload their own files or torrents. Transmission is the most popular torrent client for Linux users. Actually it is the default torrent client for almost all the Linux Distro.

Features List of Transmission BitTorrent Client

  • Uses fewer resources than other clients
  • Full encryption, DHT, µTP, PEX and Magnet Link support.
  • Fast Resume — with peer caching.
  • A built-in web server so that users can control Transmission remotely via the web (using RPC or WebUI).
  • Encrypted peer connections.


  • Does not supported in Windows Operating System.

Download Transmission from Here.


vuze-01-Vuze (previously Azureus) is written in Java, and uses the Azureus Engine is a BitTorrent client used to transfer files via the BitTorrent protocol. Vuze includes built-in support for Tor (The Onion Router), an anonymity network.

Features List of Vuze

  • Browsing and downloading high quality official and/or original content on the Azureus Network.
  • Content search.
  • share torrents with friends, and chat.
  • Embedded with HD video player. Vuze can play virtually any type of video torrent file – AVI, XVID, Quicktime, and more.


  • Vuze is categorized as adware by Softpedia, due to its inclusion of a Vuze Toolbar for web browsers.

Download Vuze from Here.

Comparison Among The Top 3 Torrent Client 2013

Torrent ClientOperating System SupportedSizeLicenseWritten in
µTorrentWindows,Linux, Mac OS and AndroidAndroid: 1.6 MB
Linux: 1.49 MB ()
Microsoft Windows: 1 MB
MAC OS X: 2.69 MB
TransmissionLinux and Mac OSMac: 4.9 MB
Linux: 2.8 MB
GNU GPL, MIT License C, Objective-C
VuzeLinux, Windows and Mac OSLinux: 18.9 MB
OS X: 10.1 MB
Windows: 9.1 MB
GNU General Public License v2Java

Why Downloading Using Torrent Client is a Better option

Download stuff using torrent client (like µTorrent, Transmission and other clients) is always a better option because of the following reasons:

  1. you can resume the downloading.
  2. There is no limit of speed like other sharing sites like mediafire or rapidshare etc. However the speed in torrent case is depends on seeders and peers ratio.
  3. Huge database. Lots of stuff available. You can search torrent files using various popular sites like, Piratebay and


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