How To Hide Files Inside Of Jpeg Images

You can Hide files inside of jpeg images  and can transfer it secretly via mail or any other medium to another person so that no one other than he (only if you told him how to unhide files inside of jpeg images) could decrypt the message and access the file. This type of technique in which message is hidden inside or you can say encrypted comes under cryptography techniques. Cryptography is hiding message using encryption technique which can only be decrypted using suitable decryption algorithm or technique.

So, How can you Hide files inside of jpeg images ? This trick doesn’t require any software to hide files inside a picture or pdf file you need only WinRar software to compress the files which needs to be hide under a picture and some basic knowledge of Command prompt.

Steps To Hide Files Inside Of Jpeg Images

Step 1: Create A New folder

Create A New folder Rename it as you like I named it hackyogi) and paste the stuff inside this folder which you want to hide.

hide files inside of jpeg images

Step 2: Compress the Folder

Now Compress the folder that you created to hide using Winrar tool and named it anything that you want I named it “hackyogi.rar”.


Step 3: Select the JPEG file

Now Select the JPEG file that you want to use to hide the above content (say yogi.jpg). Put this image file into Desktop( As the folder is created in Desktop).

Step 4: Start Command Prompt

Simply Press “Windown Key + R” to launch run terminal and type cmd and press enter.

Step 5: Type Commands

In Command Prompt type cd “desktop” with the quotation marks and press enter.
Now type copy /b picturename.jpg + foldername.rar outputfilename.jpg
In Case If you use .zip then type : copy /b picturename.jpg + outputfilename.jpg
hide files inside of jpeg images
Here in my case the “Picturename” is “yogi.jpg” and the folder name is “hackyogi.rar” in my case and the outputfilename.jpg is simply “output.jpg”

How To Unhide The Files Hidden Inside Of Jpeg Picture

Simply type the below Text in command Prompt without Closing it( otherwise you need to retype CD “desktop”)
ren output.jpg outputfil.rar
After Pressing Enter you get a picture named Outtputfil.jpeg. When you open it it simply display your hackyogi.rar folder.

What is The benefits To Hide Files Inside Of Jpeg Images

  • You can send Secret message/Files and other stuff over mail with this technique and no one other can decrypt it only if you tell so how to do this.
  • You can hide your personal stuff in your desktop without using any tools and software.
  • With this technique of hiding files in a jpg you can send this to anyone and they just have to rename the file extension to .zip or .rar.

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