Best Alternative To Google Play Store

Why would someone need alternative to Google Play Store? So, Here some good reasons to have alternative to Google play store:

  1. you don’t have to create Google account to download app as you do to download app from Google Play Store.
  2. Some of the alternative to Google Play Store allows user to download .apk (application package) file so that you can transfer them from your phone to PC or vice versa.
  3. If somehow your phone doesn’t support or allow  Google Play Store access  may be its because of  your phone is cheap or any other reason it is good to have these Google Alternatives and finally.
  4. You can download the APK file from your Desktop PC and transfer to your Android Tablet or Smartphone.

Top Alternative to Google Play Store

Here are some of the best alternative to Google Play Store which you can try out. Its good to have alternatives that makes competition among the companies and the profit comes to users. All the app store features apk file to download which can be transferred to other device for later installation. These alternative are multiplatform that means you can download app for your favorite OS like Android, iOS, Windows and other major OS.

Best alternative to google play store

Opera Mobile Store

The Biggest feature of Opera Mobile Store is user can directly install ( like Google Play Store) or Download APK file and later install in your Android smartphone. User can choose from homepage the OS ( Android, Blackberry, iPhone, JAVA, Symbian and other major platforms).

opera mobile store Google Play Store Alernative

Opera Mobile Store Provides both paid and free apps from various sources on various major platforms. It provides app summary and rating same as Google Play Store.


Another alternative to Google Play Store the good thing is that it provide app details in terms of whether an app require Google account or not, reviews, ratings etc. SLIDEME app store gives details about app like screenshots of app, minimum Android version to run an app, Minimum screen width, Requires ‘rooted’ device or not, Requires Google Play and/or account etc.

SLIDEME APP STORE- A Google Play Store Alternative

There are two ways from which you can download an app in SLIDEME app store 1) one method is to click on download and save APK file which you can install to your mobile by trasferring and 2) second method is by scanning QR code with your android device.


NEXVA is a multiplatform app store just like opera mobile store as discussed above. NEXVA features app for various platform like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows and JAVA. It features both paid and free apps. Categories wise apps can be seen for better navigation and search.

nexva app store

You can select your device as soon as you come to homepage and app are displayed accordingly. NEXVA displayed compatible list of device for chosen app with description.


Around for many year it is one of the best alternative to Google Play Store which features both free premium apps. User can browse apps by device or platform.

handango Google play Store alternative

You can download an app by providing your email address (which can be accessed by your phone) where download link address will be mailed. Other option of downloading app is downloading simply .apk file on your PC which can be transferred to device to installation.

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